About Us

What is Unique.?

Fashion Label UNIQUE, a project of the 4th generation of fashion designers and tailors.
Serbia natives insists on creating clothes that enable expressing one’s individuality. Always inspired by our clients, who stand out for their authenticity, accentuated strong character, and the wish to change the world.

UNIQUE. is not just a fashion idea. We strive to give the equal opportunities to young creatives, doing collaborations with young fashion illustrators, working with graphic designers, as well as students giving them opportunities to promote their work, employing nonprofessional models, girls, and women of every age and background, hiring women from rural areas and engaging them for handcrafted projects and handmade work, and overall always trying to do more and make a positive change in our communities.

It’s not just about Fashion, it is much more! It is about community, equality, about empowering women and men all around, and about making this world a little bit prettier.